Renovate Your Loft

The Best Ideas For Your Loft

Your children have grown and you need more space in your house. If you have an unused loft, call Essex Loft Conversions to get a quote on the best ideas for converting it.

You are wondering why you should call Essex Loft Conversions. We will offer you the best ideas for the appearance of your new space in the house.

Immediately upon your invitation, our professional team, consisting of architects, designers and contractors, comes to you. The architects will measure in detail and look at the material your house is made of. Based on all the collected data, he will draw you a plan of the attic as it should look like. Each of your remarks or ideas will be accepted or rejected depending on whether what you want is achievable or not. Of course, for each refusal, he will explain to you the reason why such a thing is not feasible.

Essex Loft Conversions

When you reach an agreement on the project, the contractor will calculate what is needed in terms of materials and tell you how much it would cost you. If you don’t have enough budget for what is proposed, they will replace the more expensive material with a cheaper one so that we will surely find the right solution for everything that is needed.

At the end, our designer will suggest arranging the interior. You only need to tell him whether it will be a children’s room or a bedroom or study. Based on that, they will suggest the furniture you need. You will choose all the furniture with our designer, who will tell you where what should be placed. You will certainly not find any objection to the details that our designer has included.

If you want to fix up your loft, one click to Essex Loft Conversions is all it takes. Remodeling your loft will be a pleasure for us.